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5 Working AI Content Detector Tools & Services  | Upto Chat GPT 4


As AI content writing tools have become more accessible, there is an increased need for AI content detector tools.

The underlying technology of AI tools that let you create automated content is growing at a rapid pace, and it is not only becoming challenging to detect an AI written content, but it is becoming expensive too.

Like many of you pay for plagiarism checker tools, now it’s time to add another series of tools for AI content detection. Here I’m compiling a list of some of the best tools to detect if it’s an AI tool written or by a human.

Who needs these AI content detectors?

I would not be surprised if colleges and schools will soon be bound to start using these kinds of tools to check academic and essay submissions. And, in the world of digital marketing, here are some businesses that need these tools right now to avoid losing money or avoiding SEO penalties.

  1. Webmasters – If you run a website and hire writers to write content for you, you need to check if the content submitted by your authors is original or is written by AI. At the same time, if you let a guest author submit articles, you need to check for AI content before publishing.
  2. Content agency – Many entrepreneurs run content agencies that facilitate content services for businesses of various sizes. They usually work with freelancer writers, and now it is of utmost importance for them to use an affordable AI content detector tool that is not only cheap and affordable but also offers API services for them to check content in bulk.
  3. Website buyers – Many individuals and businesses around the globe uses a platform like Flippa, Sedo, or Empireflippers to buy already ranking websites. Now, if you want to be sure that your next purchase is future-proof, you need to run a website scan to detect AI-written content before you make your purchase decision.

I would not be surprised if Google launches a new algorithm update tomorrow and penalizes websites created using mostly low-quality AI-generated content. To learn more about it, read my earlier guide: Google SEO and AI-generated content – How to find balance?

Once you have understood the importance of using an AI-written content detector, here is my list of top solutions to detect content written by AI tools like Chat GPT and others.

Top AI Content Detector Tools

1. Winston AI

Winston AI is a AI content detector tool and also offers other features which you or your content team will need. This tool is designed for individuals, agencies and for content mills.

The features like projects, team management, Plagiarism checker adds way more than a simple detection of AI-generated text.

Winston AI let you add content by simply copying-pasting, or you can upload files in various formats to check for AI generated text.

Pricing :

Winston AI is a new tool and I believe this pricing will improve. For now, you can try Winston AI for free, and once you are ready, you can commit for one of the paid plans.

2. Originality.AI (Supports all AI versions, including ChatGPT)

Let’s start the list with the top AI detector solution that supports the detection of ChatGPT written content as well. This tool is built for audiences of any size, and you can use it to run a scan of selected text or on an entire website.

Here are some of the notable features of Originality.AI

  • Accurate AI detector – With 94% accuracy, detect ChatGPT-generated content
  • Supports all popular NLP methods
  • An intuitive dashboard (works on desktop and mobile)
  • My team feature to managing large teams (Helpful for content agencies or publishers managing multiple projects)
  • Website scan feature for website buyers to find if the content is written with the help of AI
  • API access – If you wish to enable this feature in your tool

Here is what the interface looks like at this moment, and I assume by the time you check in a few weeks, this tool will have a much better UI.

Originality.AI also offers a Chrome extension that makes it easier for you to check for AI-written content on Google docs, WordPress, Email, or any other website. Nonetheless, it also supports detecting plagiarism and could become an essential part of your content workflow.

Price –

You can use this tool for free for the first few checks, and once you are happy, you can buy a credit which costs about $0.01 to check 100 words. So for a 1000-word article, you will be spending about 10 cents.

3. GLTR (Giant language model test room)

Giant language model test room is a free AI-written content detection tool that is developed by the likes of MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard NLP. This tool works the best for GPT-2, as it has access to GPT-2, 117M language model from OpenAI.

When you input content to check using this free GLTR tool, it scans the entire text and gives you the results in color codes. Often the full results will be in green when AI writes it, and if it is not edited at all.

If you are interested in learning how this tool works to detect if the content is written by an AI tool, you should read here.

Limitations of AI Detection tools –

AI writing tools are evolving fast, and these detection tools for AI written content are getting outdated fast. When I was researching for more tools for this resource, I was surprised that a lot of these AI content detectors work only for old technology, and only a few of them supports ChatGPT or GPT-3.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is these AI detector tools have limitations, and they are not 100% accurate. So if you evaluating a new writer or analyzing a website for purchase, do not solely rely on these tools.

I would not be surprised if we see new AI writing tools that will beat these AI detector tools, and a game of cat and mouse will start in this particular niche.

But for now, I will keep updating this resource with the latest and working AI detector tools. If you know of any that I should add here, let me know via commenting or send us an email at hello(at)


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