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5 Content Marketing Trends to Know Right Now

Don’t sleep on your content marketing goals. 97% of marketers said content marketing is critical to their strategy. Is it a priority in yours? Well if it isn’t, maybe it’s time to check out these trends and see how you can build better content.

1. Content audits are essential. Updating and repurposing your existing content is ideal for many content marketers to have a relevant asset library in reach. But first, you need to audit your past valuable content and consider showcasing it in new formats or on different platforms.

2. Keep it human. Align insights with original, human-first narratives. Understand what your audience needs and find a personal approach to that content. Some of the most valued attributes of business-related content among the C-Suite are:

  • Technology insights
  • Trustworthy/independent sources
  • Access to experts or peers
  • Original research
  • Industry-specific approaches

3. A top KPI is clickthrough rates in search. Search rankings are cool, but clicks/clickthrough rates are where it’s at. For optimal clickthrough success, marketers should create memorable content in their areas of expertise with in-depth answers.

4. Short-form video is here to stay. Short-form videos allow content to reach the busy peeps who do not always have the time for longer-form content. Plus, video is highly shareable. Try FAQs, educational videos, customer challenges, company announcements, and customer/employee testimonials.

5. You better be cross-platform storytelling. This isn’t a new trick, but it remains effective and essential to your content strategy. Tell the best story to your audiences by reaching them across multiple channels. Be sure to make it as targeted as possible (something you’ll discover in your content audits).

Check out the full article by Forbes for personalization tips, more content stats, and advice for content partnerships.


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It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work

Sometimes casting doesn’t get enough credit for commercials. This Volkswagen Canada ad features a gas station owner with the most earnest, expressive face. So much so, he easily guilts an electric car owner into buying a little more than the average convenience store splurge. It’s charming and you just gotta see him in action.


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