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Adriana de Moura says Alexia Nepola shamed trans woman on ‘RHOM’


Adriana de Moura is calling out Alexia Nepola for “shaming” a transgender woman on “The Real Housewives of Miami” Season 4. 

“Alexia was shaming a trans woman at a Pride event,” the “Feel the Rush” singer, 57, recalls in an exclusive interview with Page Six. 

“If you look at the footage on Season 4 when she’s going to be the marshal of the Pride parade in Miami in Wynwood, she’s sitting there with her then-fiancé, Todd [Nepola],” she continues. 

“And he’s checking out the girls, this beautiful blonde on stage.”

As Todd, 52, admired a woman named Godfrey Arbulu at the event, de Moura remembers Alexia, 55, telling him, “That’s a man, that’s a man.”

In fact, the third episode of Season 4, titled “Painted With Pride,” sees Alexia — a noted LGBTQIA+ supporter who has participated in multiple Pride parades and events over the years — misgender the performer. 

A still of Adriana de Moura from our interview.
Adriana de Moura calls out Alexia Nepola for “shaming” trans woman during a Pride event in 2021.
Page Six

A still of Adriana de Moura from our interview.
The reality star chatted exclusively with Page Six while promoting “The Real Housewives of Miami.”
Page Six


“That’s a guy, that’s a guy,” she tells Todd, to which the businessman smiles and nods, replying, “I know … I know.” 

De Moura, a fierce advocate for the trans community, says the scene still bothers her more than a year after it aired in December 2021. 

“That’s a trans woman who went through a lot to get to that space where she needed to be,” she tells us. “So, talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.”

Alexia Nepola looking at herself in the mirror.
Nepola misgendered a trans woman during a Pride event during Season 4 of “RHOM.”

At the time, Wynwood Pride, the organization that invited Alexia to take part in that year’s celebration, issued a statement on Twitter, condemning the TV personality for her offensive choice of words. 

“We are very disappointed in Alexia’s comments about one of our performers, we are even more disappointed that Bravo / Peacock would allow these transphobic comments to be aired on national television,” read a December 2021 tweet. 

“@godfrey_0612 deserves an apology and so do our Trans siblings at large.”

Adriana de Moura in glam.
“That’s a trans woman who went through a lot to get to that space where she needed to be,” de Moura says, reflecting on Nepola’s remarks.

Adriana de Moura in a blue dress.
De Moura is a fierce supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Alexia — who has yet to issue a public apology — did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment. 

De Moura brought up Alexia’s remarks while discussing their ongoing feud — also involving the latter’s best friend, Marysol Patton — which is rooted in a series of conflicts that have played out on Season 5 of “RHOM.” 

“If you’re perfect, then you should cast the first stone,” de Moura says. “But I think [Alexia’s] not that perfect.”

Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura posing together at a restaurant.
Nepola and de Moura’s friendship has hit a few rough patches on the latest installment of their Peacock reality show.
Getty Images for Variety

The Alexia + Frankie’s Beauty Bar founder notably accused de Moura of dating a married man when legal docs ultimately proved he was single, resulting in an explosive exchange between the two women. 

“I never got an apology from that, no remorse whatsoever,” de Moura told us. 

But things took a turn for the worse during a cast trip to the Bahamas when the “Fyah” songstress compared her foot injury to the near-fatal car accident survived by Alexia’s 26-year-old son, Frankie Rosello, in 2011. 

The analogy — which de Moura describes as “unfortunate” and says she is “deeply sorry” for — infuriated both Alexia and Patton, 56, causing the duo to shun her in the Caribbean. 

“Did I stick my foot in my mouth? Yes, I did. But again, I already apologized. I already groveled, apologizing and they continue to kick me,” de Moura says. “So, when do you stop kicking someone when they are down? There’s no compassion.”

“The Real Housewives of Miami” is available to stream on Peacock. 


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