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5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today

Email can be a powerful thing. With how technical it has become, email has given brands every chance to nurture, impress, respond, or engage with a user. Automation does all that in a timely, personalized, and relevant way.

So are you automating in the best possible way? Here are some workflows that might inspire your own automated email marketing flows.

Email Marketing Basics (+ Musts):

  • Personalization wherever possible.
  • Write with readability and scannability in mind.
  • Segment your list in ways that you can manage it.
  • Split testing is your friend.

5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows:

  1. The Sign-up Workflow. When someone subscribes to your blog, newsletter, or whatever, woo them a little more. Give them an enticing offer to subscribe to your list. The basic steps after they sign up is to thank them, point them towards content, and promote sharing.
  2. The Usage Workflow. When someone wants a free trial, demo, account, or download, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the value of your brand. Also know as a lead nurturing workflow, it’s all about guiding them towards a common goal or two. It can include a wide variety of content but they should all contain CTAs and the last email is all about onboarding.
  3. The Conversion Workflow. When someone purchases your product or service, see how you can increase that customer’s lifecycle with your brand. Demonstrate appreciation, request for feedback and/or review, and see if there is an opportunity for personalized upselling suggestions and returning discounts.
  4. The Personal Event Workflow. When there is a special day like a birthday or anniversary, celebrate it! Send a personal note to celebrate milestones. It’s a great way to nurture trust and connections with customers outside of the usual transactional emails.
  5. The Re-Engagement Workflow. When X number of days pass since someone’s last interaction, you have to put in some razzle dazzle. Alert returning customers new products, services they may not know about, promotions, or ask for feedback.

Check out the full post by Search Engine Journal for all the workflow deets!

Place It

Mockup add that certain flair to make something feel real before it’s actually real. They are great for presentations, pitches, app demos, portfolios, and maybe even just for fun. Place It is a simple, in-browser mockup generator. They have a whole bunch of apparel templates but also include hundreds of mockups for screens, decks, print, and 3D prototypes. They even have video mockups and a custom video editor to bring your branding to life with animations.

No Photoshop experience needed!

Do the Mashed Potato 🥔

Airbnb has been releasing a series of ads that focus on the really specific categories they have available. That includes cool castles, Architectural-Digest-worthy homes, renovated caves, and so much more.  They have a special category called the OMG! category that includes the properties that don’t fit a specific mold. For instance, a giant potato home.

The ad shows snapshots of a mother-daughter trip to this home in Idaho (because of course, it’s a famous potato source).

What makes these ads so enjoyable are these stills and the perfectly curated soundtracks for each category.


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