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How to Get People to Click Naturally (Skip the Click Bait)

In yesterday’s poll, 70% of you said that you fall for click bait.

That’s because it’s purposefully tempting! But intentionally overexaggerated headlines are not typically advised for content. You may just end up with really disappointed readers. There are levels to it, but for the most part the idea of “click bait” can be a misleading title.

Instead, here are some tips for making clickable content that isn’t a fake out:

  • Meet Expectations: And then possibly exceed them! Acquiring organic clicks is less about getting your readers to click something and more about having them stick around, right? By creating content that is giving people what they want without overpromising, you build audience trust. Plus, high-quality content means sharable content.
  • Do Your Research: You’re not going to become successful by tricking people into clicking on your links. Don’t act on trendy terms alone. If you want to be successful, you have to create well-researched content that genuinely interests people. That means understanding your audience and topics really well.
  • Provide Value: As a part of your research, the top priority is understanding what provides the most value to your audience. The goal is to become your audience’s new favorite resource. Ensure that your content is keyword-rich but overall provides thoughtful insights or tools.

Check out the full post by Zero Gravity Marketing for more reasons to avoid click bait (hint, hint, it could hurt your SEO). Need help writing attention-grabbing headlines that also do some research for you? Check out today’s tool down below!


Need some help generating headlines? Jasper is an AI writing assistant created with the help of copywriters. You can get writing help in just about anything including long-form content, product descriptions, video scripts, and even short stories.  Jasper has 50+ template options, including its “Perfect Headline” maker. It doesn’t just spit back the same templates with new keywords placed to fit. Instead, it requests information like your tone and target audience so it can come up with headline options that will appeal to both readers and search engines.

Don’t Share Your Vacation

Shots fired, Airbnb.

Vrbo released an ad showing off that when you rent a vacation spot from them, it’s just for you and your people. Not you, your people, and the owner. While it can be a really fun experience to meet new people and share a home with others, it’s not ideal for all vacations. Vrbo knows that and is appealing to everyone who doesn’t find a third wheel quite as charming.


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