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Best Practice Implement Drip Email Campaigns in Email Marketing


Are you looking out for ways to nurture your qualified leads? 

Now, you can heave a sigh of relief for communicating with your prospects and increasing your sales revenue. 

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1 . Advantages of drip email campaigns

2. Best Practices to Implement Drip Email Campaigns in Email Marketing

But how?

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Do you know about drip email campaigns?

Drip marketing campaigns are marketing tactics for sending automated sets of email messages based on specific timelines or user actions. Drip email campaigns provide the correct information at the right time to your subscribers. 

These automated emails help to connect with the subscribers in a relevant and timely manner. Drip email campaigns (outperform general) sends due to their timeliness, targeted, and relevant nature.

Each message of the drip campaign should stand out among the crowd. Even you can build past messages and set the stage for upcoming ones. They can span all kinds of periods, from daily reminders and weekly specials to monthly updates and yearly renewal notices.

You can connect with your subscribers based on signing up for events with the help of drip email campaigns. 

Based on reports, over 50% of sales-ready leads are generated through drip email campaigns. 

Advantages of Drip Email Campaigns

Email drip campaigns have multiple benefits to offer if you implement them correctly. You can put a little effort and time into the initial phase to get the best results.

Let’s get started with some of the essential benefits which can be incorporated as a drip strategy in your email marketing: 

1 . Engage your customers:

You can boost customer engagement through drip email campaigns, and triggered emails have a better chance of getting a response rate as subscribers will take action.

You can send a series of emails if someone has purchased a product. Welcome emails are the best way to start your drip email campaigns.

According to Experian, welcome emails have a 50% higher open rate as compared to other emails.  

2. Send tailored content:

You can send tailored content to each prospect based on the buying journey to push them through the sales funnel. You can provide a series of drip campaigns if your subscribers are customers.

Ensure to use drip marketing for sharing content related to a product or service for your existing customers and trigger them for the next purchase. 

3. Nurture your leads:

You can nurture your prospects through drip email campaigns. You need to provide them with the product or service-related content. now can capture new leads through drip email campaigns and offer them valuable messages related to your product or service.

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This series of campaigns allow you to answer relevant questions, communicate about the benefits, and address the objections raised by prospects. Drip email campaigns are more like sales conversations over multiple series of emails.

Drip email campaigns open rates are 80% higher than single send emails. 

4. Improve brand awareness:

You can keep your brand at the top of your mind with a series of relevant drip emails. Drip marketing allows you to start building relationships with the prospects that allow potential customers to purchase your brands. 

Best Practices to Implement Drip Email Campaigns in Email Marketing

Email Campaigns in Email Marketing

While creating a drip nurturing campaign for your customers and prospects, you need to keep in mind some practices that you can follow. 

1. Make proper segmentation

You know segmentation can help you create personalized and relevant messages for your prospects and customers. So, it would help if you took the time to break your email list into smaller groups.

You have to think beyond your subscribers’ email addresses and names. Make a group of contacts based on their interests, location, email preferences, and many more. In this way, you can provide relevant content to your subscribers and customers.  

2. Use marketing automation

If you send your drip campaigns manually, then you can consider delivering a series of emails as a labor-intensive process at specific intervals. If you want to save your time and energy, you can use marketing automation for these kinds of campaigns to minimize the costs and boost overall performances.

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With the help of automated drip campaigns, you can increase the number of qualified leads.  

3. Guide your prospects

You have to create content that can help your prospects understand your products and services. Well, you can produce content in the form of videos, ebooks, free trials, webinars, checklists.

Ensure to offer different types of content to give in-depth information about your products and services. Avoid bombarding your audiences with long-format content like ebooks and how-to guides.

Instead of that, try to provide them with short checklists and demonstration videos to make it easier for them to grab the knowledge. 

After using drip email campaigns, companies have analyzed a 20% increase in sales. 

4. Monitor buying stages of leads and customers

The marketer should be aware of your prospects’ whereabouts in the buying cycle. You need to send offers to your prospects and customers based on their journey.

You have to send educational content to your leads to show them your brands’ benefits, whereas you have to send offers to your loyal customers. 

5. Warm your prospects

You can use drip email campaigns to capture the attention of someone who might see your product or service but are not ready to buy at this present moment. As the prospect proceeds through the funnel, try to send them a progressive set of messages.

You can deliver the correct information at the right step in the buyer’s journey with drip marketing.

6. Connect with multiple channels

You need to consider using social media posts, direct mail, SMS text messages, printed newsletters, and phone calls, along with drip email campaigns so that you can analyze which communication works better for your audiences.  

7. Build excitement

Through a series of drip email campaigns, you can send teaser emails, series of educational messages followed by formal announcements.

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Even you can schedule a follow-up to thank you notes, schedule event reminders and surveys for building excitement in reading the newsletters. 

8. Engage old prospects

Reach out to customers who have not purchased from you lately and keep your leads warm with drip nurturing campaigns. Try to upsell your prospects for bigger and better products and insist on recommending your brand to colleagues and friends.

Provide them incentives to re-engage with your product. 

9. Add ‘Set Preferences’ link

Marketers need to find out what excites their subscribers to create personalized and relevant messages. Whenever you send emails, you can add an option to set preferences for understanding your recipients’ behaviors.

Customers can select the kind of offers or content they want to receive. With the help of this email, you can create segments and send relevant messages. 

According to the latest study, 60% of customers want to read emails from brands once a week.

10. Deliver milestone emails to subscribers

You can send milestone drip email campaigns to your prospects and customers for celebrating special dates. The best thing is to prepare milestone emails in advance and schedule the emails automatically with EasySendy Pro’s help. 


You can build long-lasting relationships with your prospects and customers with these drip email campaigns. You have to take the subscribers on an engaging journey to create a high-converting campaign and deliver personalized messages to the right set of people at the right time.


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