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Carrie Underwood’s closet laundry setup causes a stir


Carrie Underwood’s laundry set up is stealing he spotlight.

The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer, 39, posted an Instagram Reel to discuss her seriously squeaky, tight pants, but fans couldn’t help but notice a smart addition in the background of her closet video.

“That time I bought the noisy britches…,” she wrote on the post, modeling a pair of shiny black PVC leggings in her enormous closet, which includes a washer and dryer right in the middle.

Surrounded by rows and rows of shoes, the Grammy winner went on to explain that she bought the “super cute, patent leather … looking leggings” because she “thought they’d be cute for something” but “there’s just one problem.”

“When you walk … ” she continued, stepping forward to demonstrate how the leggings made an insanely loud squeaking noise.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…my pants are too loud!!!” Underwood captioned the post, adding a crying laughing emoji and a jeans emoji.

Carrie Underwood
Underwood gave fans a peek at her washing machine and dryer (and her fit figure) in a 2020 Instagram photo.

While plenty of fans had comments on the squeaky pants — offering suggestions like oiling the leggings — more seemed to want to discuss the stylish star’s laundry routine, with several proclaiming she was a “genius.”

“But the most serious question, do you have your washer/dryer in your closet?!?” one posted. “That’s pretty awesome!”

Carrie Underwood
The “Before He Cheats” singer showed off her “noisy britches.”

Another added, “I can’t stop thinking of what a good idea it is to have a washer and dryer in your master closet. Genius!”

As for her pants, one of her Instagram followers proclaimed, “Those britches are snitches!!! They tell on you everywhere you go!” and others compared the noise to “taping up a box” or “twisting up balloons for a kids bday party.”

Underwood — who recently said she stopped working out ‘to be a certain size‘ — last showed off the inside of her closet back in 2020, with fans also reacting to her practical laundry setup as she posed in a bikini.

No matter how many designer duds are in her closet, it seems she can’t top the washer dryer from sparking comments.


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