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Chet Hanks responds to Eric André calling him ‘disturbed’


Chet Hanks is coming in hot.

The outspoken son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson went on a multi-slide rant about Eric André on his Instagram Stories Tuesday after the comedian called him “emotionally disturbed.”

“had no idea you were such a p–s 🤣,” he wrote over a black screen.

A shirtless Chet, 32, then filmed a selfie-style video in which he claimed to have “outshined” André, 39, during his appearance on “The Eric André Show.”

The “Your Honor” star also justified his behavior on the set of the Adult Swim sketch comedy series, arguing that he was simply trying to “match [the] energy” of André’s “weird, outlandish, troll” guests.

A screenshot of a shirtless Chet Hanks talking in a video.
Chet Hanks clapped back at Eric André after the comedian called him “emotionally disturbed.”

Chet spared no mercy while digging into André, sharing that the “soft” stand-up star seemed “genuinely nervous” and “easily scared” when he arrived to film.

Downplaying André’s recent recollection to Rolling Stone that Chet “stole a motorcycle and rode it around,” almost knocking “a bunch of grips and gaffers off their ladders,” the “Empire” alum said the funnyman “must have not known” that he has experience riding dirt bikes when he “picked that s–t up and started riding it around the set.”

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After the film crew expressed concern, Chet admittedly “popped a little wheelie” before getting off the bike.

“There’s a lot of f–king weirdos in Hollywood, but I didn’t think you were one of them,” he continued, speaking directly to André. “I thought you were funny and cool, but turns out you’re just a p—y.”

Eric Andre standing in a doorway.
André compared filming with Hanks to the set of “Rust,” where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died.
Eric Andre/Instagram

In his Rolling Stone interview, André compared filming with Chet to being on the set of “Rust,” referring to the Alec Baldwin film in which cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died.

But Chet justified his actions, saying he was “just going along” with the show’s vibe.

“I was just playing along with your schtick, dude,” he reiterated. “But it is what it is. Some people are just straight bitches. Apparently Eric André is one.”

A screenshot of Page Six story's on Eric André and Chet Hanks.
Hanks reposted Page Six’s story, laughing at André saying he “broke” a crew “down.”

André didn’t seem too bothered by Chet’s posts, which he re-shared on his own Instagram Story Wednesday — while promoting the upcoming 6th season of “The Eric André Show.”

“June 4! @adultswim,” he teased.

The “Lion King” voice actor also posted a video in which he retorted, “Guys, everything Chet Hanks just said about me is a f–king bold-faced lie. He’s a f–king liar,” with “🖕🏽 @chethanx” written below it.

He continued, “And I dare him to take a f–king DNA test and prove that Tom Hanks is his f–king father.”

It seems this feud is just getting started.


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