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Donald Trump is Mar-a-Lago’s resident DJ


Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has a successful side career as a party DJ — known as D-Sol — but he may have some competition on the unlikeliest-spinners circuit.

Donald Trump — or should we call him DJ Donnie T? — now has a regular gig spinning at his Palm Beach, Fla., club, Mar-a-Lago.

A socially connected insider tells Page Six that “Trump is officially DJing every Thursday night” at the members-only club.

The source added, “Members know this, and when they invite guests they say, ‘Let’s have dinner on Thursday, because Trump DJs every Thursday,’ as an event.”

During all the disc jockeying, “of course he works the room for votes,” the source said. “It’s always a very friendly room, since Mar-a-Lago is serious Trumpland.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has become his private club’s resident DJ.
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has become his private club’s resident DJ.
AFP via Getty Images


As far as his style, the insider tells us the former president is “on an iPad — usually from his table — so he eats and plays. He loves the ’80s and Broadway tunes — like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ — and Céline Dion, ‘Titanic.’ ”

“ ‘YMCA’ is another favorite,” they revealed.

Trump has also been known to play some Bruce Springsteen.

Donald and Melania Trump
Trump plays tunes from an iPad during dinner.
Getty Images

It’s not the first time the ex-POTUS has hit the decks at the club. We reported last year that he DJed his own Halloween party, and “got everyone dancing.” (Though some older guests apparently groused about the volume.)

Video surfaced of Trump himself dancing at the Halloween bash, alongside grooving fans dressed as the pope, “American Psycho” heavy Patrick Bateman and some sexy nurses, natch.

Donald Trump
No word on whether Trump takes requests.

In January, another source saw him DJ and told Page Six at the time: “He does it from his laptop . . . It’s interesting he’s that tech-savvy. It sounds like ‘pre-rally music.’ ”

Perhaps it’s revenge? A host of pop stars have called for Trump to stop using their tunes at his rallies over the years — including Springsteen, Adele, Elton John, Neil Young, Queen, Rihanna, the Rolling Stones and the estates of Leonard Cohen and George Harrison.


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