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‘Ellen’ alum Sophia Grace Brownlee gives birth, welcomes first baby


Sophia Grace Brownlee’s baby has arrived!

The singer became a mom on Feb. 26.

Brownlee, who is best known for her 2011 “Ellen DeGeneres Show” performance with cousin Rosie McLelland, posted a black-and-white photo of her infant’s hand via Instagram Sunday.

The new mom revealed her pregnancy news in an October 2022 YouTube video.

The songwriter, 19, was “very shocked” to find out that she was expecting, telling her subscribers that she eventually “got used to” the news and felt “very happy.”

Brownlee gushed, “It’s mad to think that there’s literally another life inside of [me].”

Later that same week, the then-pregnant star spoke to E! News about being judged for starting a family at her age.

“19 is quite young, obviously, to have a baby,” she admitted at the time.

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“Usually most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you’re 30 and you’re married and you live in your own house.’”

Brownlee noted that she was keeping quiet about the identity of her partner.

Sophia Grace Brownlee
The singer debuted her bump in October.
Sophia Grace Brownlee
The singer was “shocked” by her pregnancy.

She explained, “Because I have always been in the spotlight, I feel like I want something just to keep to myself.”

Although the vlogger “couldn’t face” her dad and made her mom tell him dad about the pregnancy, Brownlee’s cousin has been supportive.

Rosie McLelland and Sophia Grace Brownlee
Brownlee and cousin Rosie McLelland are known for their “Super Bass” cover on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2011.
The Ellen Show/YouTube

“Together forever, words can’t explain this feeling!” McLelland wrote via Instagram in October 2022. “So excited for this next chapter.

“Here for you, will buy milk, babysit but I don’t think I can change a nappy just yet,” the actress, 16, continued. “Love you so much.”


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