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Feed The Machine – Carney

4 New Rules for PPC Creative

We’ve rolled with the punches—banner ads built for desktops (2000s), mobile-friendly ads (2010’s), social media and video formats (now!). But how will the burgeoning age of machine learning change digital campaigns? Here are 4 rules-of-thumb:

  1. One-to-one marketing. We will no longer have to determine where a user is in the purchase journey—the algorithm can do that for us. Provide it with enough assets to reach every step of the purchase journey—from explainer videos to product benefit videos to static ads with offers.
  2. Feed the machine. Machine learning requires a lot of input in terms of creative assets. For maximum portability, provide it with multiple aspect ratios for static and video, and test a variety of ad formats, such as text overlays, UGC, animations, and more.
  3. Account for short attention spans. We’re down to a six-second window, folks. Move your story arc to the front, highlight your logo in first few moments, and get that CTA in quickly.
  4. Actionable tests. Algorithms excel at testing minor differences in creative. But traditional A/B testing will still be useful for measuring statistical significance ahead of major shifts in brand positioning, for example.

Read more over at Search Engine Land.

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Busch Light 2023

A Case Against Space

Busch Light has partnered with former astronaut Doug Hurley to make a compelling case against space travel: you can’t drink beer in zero-gravity. Plus, we have kind of a lot going on down here at the moment. For Earth Month, the brand is pledging to donate merchandise profits and a portion of beer sales to One Tree Planted.


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