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Tips for Different Social Media Algorithms

Each social media platform has its own algorithm that takes into account different factors. So while step one is to create high-quality content that encourages engagement, step two is to use these tips for each channel to get it to the most people possible.


  • Relevancy: Facebook/Meta audience personas are not always accurate, but keep audience data points from Facebook in mind when creating content.
  • Timing: On the topic of data, post when your audience is most active (even if it means scheduling at funky hours).


  • Hashtags: Twitter is an oddball because of how fast Tweets can fly. Pay attention to trending topics and hop on hashtag trains (ideally within the same day of a topic).
  • @Mentions: Mention influencers and other brands with large followings strategically. Use your existing partnerships to your advantage.


  • Hashtags: Hashtags are more influential on Instagram than other social networks. Instagram settled the caption vs comment debate at the end of 2021. (Captions are the better hashtag home.)
  • Comments: Comments show Instagram that your content is engaging and worth reading. With likes, they help your content become more likely to be discovered.


  • Engagement: While content that has more likes and comments is likely to be seen by your connections’ networks, making content worth sharing is the most ideal. Shares get the most eyes.
  • Groups: LinkedIn has been shifting heavily into groups for more engaging content sharing.


  • Views: The number of views your content gets is the most important factor in the TikTok algorithm.
  • Comments: Comments are important for two reasons. First, they show that your content is engaging and worth watching. Second, comment engagement is essential for building your TikTok community.

Keep in mind, these algorithms are constantly changing and social platforms aren’t exactly revealing all of their secret formulas. Check out the full Bsquared blog for more social media tips and tricks!

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