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9 Reddit Ads to Try

Reddit’s 57 million users represent highly engaged, niche online communities—and a huge opportunity for brands that know their target audience. Here are 9 Reddit ads to consider:

Promoted Post

  • Image Ads: Test a scroll-stopping image ad that appears in the Reddit feed.
  • Carousel Ads: Similar to other platforms; maximize your ad space with multiple images.
  • Video Ads: Engage your audience with an in-feed video.
  • Conversation Placements: Drive incremental reach with ads that appear within conversation threads.
  • Text Ads: Quickly promote your message with simple in-feed text ads.

Reddit Takeover

High Impact

  • Reddit Takeover: Get your content trending in the Popular feed with Reddit’s widest-reaching package.
  • Front Page Takeover: Own the homepage with a 24-hour ad.
  • First View: Own the first unique ad impression on the Home and Popular page.
  • Category Takeover: Own top communities in your category for 24 hours or more.

Checkout Reddit for Business to get started.


Search keywords within targeted subreddits to quickly engage in conversations happening in your niche communities. GummySearch is an audience research tool specifically for Reddit, allowing you to identify pain points, develop solutions, generate content ideas, and collect sales leads.


Countdown to Q2 ⌛

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Stella Artois 2023

Come On Over

You might associate Stella Artois with dining out—and that’s no mistake. But the lager brand is repositioning itself to keep up with casual dining in a multichannel campaign, which taps influencers and platforms for digital partnerships. This spot, “Table Top,” isn’t just fresh and fun. It also reads like a direct appeal to our universally lonely meals of 2020, as if to say: go ahead and order takeout, but do it together.


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