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Google has updated its Unavailable Video policy

Google updated its policies for the Unavailable Videos Section of the Google Ads Technical Requirements Policy. The update explains additional reasons why a video ad may not serve. This should enable advertisers to understand what issues have arisen, why the ads aren’t showing, and how to resolve the issue.

Unavailable Videos. Google has unveiled four new examples of why a video ad may be disapproved.

  • Videos whose status is changed to “deleted” after submission
  • Videos whose status is changed to “private” after submission
  •  Videos marked live premiere
  •  Videos marked sponsors or members only

Fix a disapproved ad. If you need to fix an ad that was disapproved, you can follow the steps here.

Why we care. Attempting to hide a video after submitting it as an ad is a great way to get disapproved. Be sure to follow the technical requirements and guidelines when creating your ads, and fixing them immediately if your hosting service is down, or marked private.

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