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Marketing Podcast with Louis Gudema

Louis Gudema, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Louis Gudema. Louis is a fractional CMO for B2B companies, and mentors startups at MIT.  Previously he founded and grew a marketing agency, and pivoted it into a SaaS company, growing it into one of the top three or four companies in its national market before a successful exit. The first edition of Bullseye Marketing was named One of the Best Marketing Plan Books of All Time by Book Authority. He also has a side hustle as a ghostwriter of business and marketing books.

His upcoming book is a second edition of Bullseye Marketing where he teaches how to develop, launch, and scale a successful marketing strategy for B2B companies.

Key Takeaway:

This second edition of Bullseye Marketing focuses on B2B marketing exclusively and highlights examples of how creativity can be implemented in B2B marketing strategies. Louis emphasizes the importance of the third phase of the Bullseye Marketing approach, which is to create mental availability and build up brand awareness so that you are top of mind for your customers and make your short-term marketing more effective.

Questions I ask Louis Gudema:

  • [02:11] Why’d you write a second edition? What was needed? What’s new?
  • [07:37] You talk a lot about conversion rate optimization, so tell me a little bit of your thinking on what you’ve seen when you’ve got people to focus on that.
  • [09:24] What are the significant like channel differences even, or approaches to a B2B marketer as opposed to a B2C marketer?
  • [12:44] Regarding brand marketing, how can I invest in that when I really can’t measure it?
  • [18:45] What’s your take on AI in marketing these days?
  • [21:53] You are an author of a great book: Bullseye Marketing, but you also write books with, and for other folks, I suppose, as a ghostwriter. Can you talk about your decision to do that?

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