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How to Write AI Prompts: A Guide for Marketers [Infographic]

Generative AI is the latest big tech trend, with many claiming that the evolving technology will eventually supplant many jobs as we know them, and replace humans wholesale for certain tasks.

Though maybe not just yet. Definitely, new AI tools like ChatGPT are amazing in regards to what they’re able to produce, but the systems that fuel them are still prone to false positives, and sharing incorrect info, or just plain making things up that don’t exist.

As such, the current generation of AI apps are only truly valuable as a supplementary element, taking on research tasks and providing insight for people who are already experts, as opposed to replacing them.

You also need to know how to use them. It’s not as simple as just pressing the button and getting the right response – you need to have some understanding of how these systems ‘think’, and how to frame your queries in order to get the most valuable outputs from each.

Which is where this guide may help. The team from Tailwind have put together a new overview of how to write an effective generative AI prompt, which could help to get you thinking about how to maximize your use of these tools.

And you should be using them. As they become more commonplace, understanding generative AI apps, at the least, will become an increasingly valuable skill.

Check out Tailwind’s full overview below.

How to Write AI Prompts Infographic


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