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How Verve Became Silicon Valley’s Favorite Coffee Brand (2023)


Getting your coffee beans into Google’s headquarters might sound like an impossible task. Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan didn’t have that goal in mind when they launched Verve Coffee in 2007—they simply wanted to run a café when not surfing. 

Verve Coffee became the go-to fuel for many Silicon Valley tech giants by focusing on sourcing great tasting coffee beans and supporting farmers that grow them. Today, Verve Coffee can be found inside coffee bars at companies like Facebook and Salesforce and in thousands of stores, such as Whole Foods and REI. 

Below, Colby shares how to grow a brand by focusing on sourcing the best ingredients and establishing meaningful relationships. 

How to grow a business on the quality of products and relationships 

All of the Verve Coffee bags lined up side-by-side, sitting in an empty field.
Verve Coffee is constantly improving its offerings and traveling around the globe to source the freshest, best tasting coffee beans possible for its customers. Verve Coffee

There are many ways to launch and scale a successful business. For Colby and Ryan, putting quality and community first was a winning recipe. Learn how to grow your own business the Verve Coffee Way

1. Get educated on your industry and product

“I became infatuated with where coffee comes from, the sourcing of it, and the differences between mildly OK coffee, good coffee, and exceptional coffee,” Colby says. Immersing yourself in the culture of your business is vital to understanding how to source the best quality ingredients or materials. Colby was able to differentiate between the type of coffee he wanted for his company and the type he did not want, because he took the time to notice the nuances. 

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Maintaining a high standard was always important for Colby and his co-founder. He studied what type of coffee was currently on the market and traveled to discover what else was available. “We thought, Who cares what anyone else is doing, let’s just lead the way,” Colby says.

A bag of Verve Coffee’s Bronson French Roast Molasses Dark Chocolate Fig flavor sitting on a desk next to a drip coffee maker, a hand holding a glass of coffee, and a keyboard.
Verve Coffee’s Bronson French Roast Molasses Dark Chocolate Fig flavor comes from the regions of Central America in Colombia, and pairs well with both cream and sugar. Verve Coffee

2. Create sustainable relationships with suppliers 

Colby has built intimate relationships with farmers and now knows which ones take the most care for their crops and the quality of their coffee beans. “The hand of the farmers is a big part of what I consider,” Colby says. 

By visiting farms and establishing true, personal relationships, Colby can more easily select which farmers to work with based on their practices, results, and overall ethics for the growing process. 

A hand holds an open bag of Verve Coffee’s craft instant blends in front of a rushing waterfall.
Verve Coffee offers an array of options, allowing hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to take their craft instant blend with them on the go. Verve Coffee

3. Support the community you work with—and the environment around it 

“We worked with a really small community up in Northern Columbia and we planted 60,000 seedlings of an heirloom variety,” Colby says. Working directly with farmers to produce their coffee means Colby and the Verve Coffee team can ensure their production is having a positive effect on the community and environment it’s grown in.

“These producers are actually utilizing these seedlings to not only enhance their own farm, but a lot of them are using them as the impetus to get the next generation involved,” Colby says. Growing heirloom crops allows for more regenerative farming, a process that causes less damage to the soil, promises better crop resistance, and inspires family members to get involved in the process.

By following Colby’s sourcing guidelines, you can grow a single idea into a force making waves in an established industry. 

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