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Margaret Josephs calls Jennifer Aydin a ‘disheveled drug addict’


Margaret Josephs accused Jennifer Aydin of being a “disheveled drug addict” on Tuesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

“You are nothing but a disheveled little drug addict!” Josephs, 55, shouted at Aydin, 45, during a group brunch at Jennifer Fessler’s house after the latter dubbed her a “bad friend.”

“Stop with your f–king Driving Miss Daisy hat!” Aydin added, which prompted Josephs to say that she was “sick.”

The on-again, off-again friends continued hurling insults at each other — with Josephs slamming Aydin as “disgraceful” and “despicable.”

Fessler, 52, eventually put a stop to the screaming match by telling her gal pals they are “embarrassing” her. She even asked Aydin to leave.

“She’s a f–king hater,” Aydin said to BFF Teresa Giudice after leaving the backyard brunch. “But again, she is jealous, she’s a f–king jealous wench. I’m living the f–king dream.”

A screenshot of Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Fessler talking on "RHONJ"
Margaret Josephs slams Jennifer Aydin as a “disheveled drug addict” during an intense screaming match on Tuesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”
A screenshot of the "RHONJ" cast sitting together at a brunch
At one point, Jennifer Fessler begged the women to stop arguing.

Jennifer proceeded to address Josephs during a confessional, saying that the only reason the “Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget” author is angry at her is because she decided to stay with her husband, Bill Aydin, after he cheated on her.

“I love the life we’ve created together and I know that bothers you so much,” Jennifer said.

“I know you would love for me to just get divorced and break my home, but I don’t run away at the first glimpse of unhappiness, so f–k you.”

A photo of Jennifer Aydin screaming on "RHONJ"
Aydin accused Josephs of being “f–king jealous” of her life.
A photo of Jennifer Aydin screaming on "RHONJ"
Aydin denied that she called other cast members to “talk s–t” about her.

The fight between the two women kicked off after Josephs called Jennifer out for “trash-talking” her to Melissa Gorga after they had ended their feud. (Josephs had been the one to bring up Bill’s affair on camera.)

“You had lunch with Melissa, and you were saying, ‘You have to watch your back with Margaret, and she’s not a good friend,’” Josephs said, which Jennifer denied. “That’s why you can’t have genuine relationships!”

“I have a family which is something you never f–king know what it’s like,” Aydin said, referring to Josephs having a strained relationship with some of her stepchildren after she left their dad and her late husband, Jan, for her current husband, Joe Benigno.

“Yeah, well, I’ll tell you what you don’t know what I f–king have: a f–king good marriage you stupid bitch!” Josephs fired back, while later adding air quotes when saying Aydin has a “happy f–king family.”

A photo of Margaret Josephs screaming on "RHONJ"
Josephs argued that she wasn’t the only one who contributed to their years-long tumultuous relationship.
A photo of Jennifer and Bill Aydin posing for a photo together
Josephs critiqued Aydin’s marriage, while Aydin called out Josephs’ relationship with her stepchildren.
Instagram/Jennifer Aydin

The heated conversation – which included several other insults and name calling – left several of their cast members in shock.

“For as many times as I’ve seen Jennifer and Margaret fight, I’m shook right now at the things that the both of them are saying,” Gorga admitted in a confessional.

Josephs and Aydin have gotten into several violent arguments over the years, but they attempted to put all of that behind them after last season’s reunion.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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