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Nico Tortorella, Bethany C. Meyers welcome rainbow baby


Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers’ rainbow baby has arrived.

The fitness guru, 35, gave birth to their first child, Tortorella, 34, revealed in a Monday Instagram post.

“IП ᄂӨVΣ ЩIƬΉ ƬΉΣ DӨVΣ,” the actor captioned a carousel of photos with the couple’s infant. 

“introducing Kilmer Dove Meyers Tortorella. welcome to earth little one.” 

Meyers — who, like Tortorella, identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns — debuted their baby bump in an Instagram slideshow in August.

“We finally conceived,” the Be.come Project founder, 35, told their followers. “Our 🌈 baby is in my belly.”

Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers posing with their new baby
The couple named their infant Kilmer Dove Meyers Tortorella.
Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers posing with their new baby
“IП ᄂӨVΣ ЩIƬΉ ƬΉΣ DӨVΣ,” the actor captioned a series of sweet photos.

Tortorella posted sweet snaps from the same Brooklyn Heights Promenade photo shoot, writing, “the baby. coming 3.9 @bethanycmeyers i love you. 🕊.”

The “Younger” alum’s former co-star Hilary Duff commented, “Da baby coming!!!!”

As for their “How Far Is Tattoo Far?” co-host, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gushed, “HI BABY! Congrats! Love u.”

Nicole Tortorella kissing Bethany C. Meyers' baby bump
Meyers announced their pregnancy in August.

Tortorella and Meyers have been vocal about their struggles to conceive since tying the knot in March 2018.

In November 2021, the couple sang a “Baby Making Song” via Instagram Stories.

“We’re tryin’ to get pregnant. It’s harder than expected,” they sang at the time. “In all our years of schoolin’, the books they had us foolin’. It takes more than dirty toilet sits.”

The duo’s ballad took a hopeful turn, with them concluding, “So, don’t you worry. Your baby’s not in any hurry. It’ll happen when it’s right you’ll see. Put a baby in my belly.”

Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers
The couple wed in March 2018.

Tortorella told Us Weekly five months prior that they had been talking about having kids with Meyers “forever.”

“I feel like our babies will just choose when the time is right,” the “Walking Dead: World Beyond” star said in the June 2021 interview. “It’s not actually going to be us that makes that decision.”

Tortorella and Meyers began dating in 2006, getting engaged 11 years later.


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