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9 Concepts to Sharpen your Analytical Thinking

Not everyone is blessed (or cursed?) to be a “numbers person.” But when it comes to marketing, ignoring data and numbers is not a luxury brands can afford. So here are some tips to sharpen your analytical skills and find stories in data.

  1. Patterns & pattern breaks: This can be visual. Which peaks and valleys are “normal” and what sticks out?
  2. Absolute numbers & percentages: Look at both numbers and percentages to see the relationship between the parts and the whole.
  3. Variance: How much did X change month over month? Year over year? Have industry standards changed, too?
  4. Expected vs. actual: Compare expected vs. actualized numbers so you can better understand your performance.
  5. Percent contribution to whole: Think in if-then statements like “X accounts for X% of total dollars/visitors/whatever.”
  6. Zoom out to a broader scale: We mentioned peaks and valleys. Figure out the “why” behind those to see how you can repeat the peaks.
  7. Check profit margins: Revenue is cool, but what about low margins and profits?
  8. Consider incentives: If someone tells you x, how do they benefit?
  9. Poke holes in your own logic: Look for data that proves or disproves your hypothesis.

These tips are from a LinkedIn post by Wes Kao. Check out the full post for more tips and conversations in the comments!


Even if you are a numbers person, you should be seeing a full view of your data story. Improvado is a marketing analytics tool made for advertising and analytics pros. The platform allows marketers to gather all of their data into a single destination without logging into each individual platform. Automated reporting and dashboards in real-time makes manual reporting a thing of the past. Check it out to start visualizing and reporting your data.

Join the Carney Crew

Numbers aren’t everyone’s favorite … but if you do love them, we wanna talk to you.

Carney is looking for a paid media and analytics pro!

Some Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Owner of paid campaigns which includes tracking, measurement, attribution, and optimization.
  • Manage audiences, creatives, budget, and bidding strategies.
  • Manage SEM and PPC campaigns on Google and other ad platforms.
  • Track, report, and analyze website analytics, SEM/PPC results and other campaigns.
  • Optimize landing pages for search engine and conversion rate optimization.

Some Good Things to Know:

  • Remote (with the option for being at a dog-friendly office for Pittsburgh candidates)
  • Salary: $70K+ based on experience
  • Flexible work hours and UNLIMITED PTO


Sounds good and sounds like you? Send us over your resume!

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