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Pamela Anderson ‘hated’ her looks before posing for Playboy


Pamela Anderson admits she was “painfully shy” and “hated” the way she looked before posing for Playboy.

“The shyness was something that was so debilitating. When I was little, I would wear a hat over my head and pull the hole closed so I could only see out this much,” the “Baywatch” alum, 55, told ET Canada in a new interview.

“I hated the way I looked, I hated everything. I was so shy and I always thought everybody was pretty and I just didn’t have that confidence or self-confidence.”

A photo of Pamela Anderson from when she was younger
The “Baywatch” star revealed she was painfully shy when she was younger.
A photo of Pamela Anderson modeling in 1992
“I hated the way I looked, I hated everything,” the actress recalled in a new interview.
Getty Images

Anderson told the outlet that everything changed, however, when she took a chance on herself and started modeling for Playboy for the first time in 1989.

“I was in Vancouver and Playboy approached me a few times and I said ’no.’ Finally I was in a situation and thought, ‘Why not? Let me try this.’ Then I got to LA and I was horrified,” Anderson recalled.

“Then I did my first photo shoot with Playboy. It was the first flash when I opened my eyes and it felt like I was falling off a cliff. It really felt like I was just … allowing, instead of trying to control,” she continued. “It was my first feeling of freedom. Then I was off to the races.”

A photo of Pamela Anderson on the cover of “Playboy” in 1989
Anderson posed for Playboy for the first time in 1989.
A photo of Pamela Anderson on the cover of “Playboy” in 1991
Of modeling for the magazine, Anderson said it was her “first feeling of freedom.”

The confession comes less than a month after Anderson went makeup-free for the digital cover of Women’s Wear Daily’s Feb. 10 issue.

“I really feel powerful right now when everything’s very pared down,” the normally glammed-up beauty told the magazine. “I like to see my freckles. I like when my hair isn’t done. I like just a really fresh face.”

The actress also shared that she prefers aging naturally over Botox or fillers. “I don’t like those injections, and that doesn’t work on me,” Anderson said.

“I want to see what’s going to happen,” she added. “I’m accepting myself a lot more these days, and it feels great.”

A photo of Pamela Anderson
Anderson has also been vocal about wanting to embrace her beauty and age naturally.
Getty Images
A photo of Pamela Anderson modeling
“I’m accepting myself a lot more these days, and it feels great,” she shared.

Anderson has been making plenty of headlines as of late. She recently celebrated the premiere of her Netflix documentary and the release of her new memoir, “Love, Pamela,” which documented everything from her and ex-husband Tommy Lee’s whirlwind romance to their infamous sex tape and the downfall of their marriage.

“Of course, it’s emotional for me,” Anderson told People in January, of watching her life story play out on screen.

“It’s just all these wonderful memories and hard memories too. But I wanted to go back into those feelings and feel those feelings.”

Anderson shares two kids with the 60-year-old Mötley Crüe rocker: Brandon Thomas Lee, 26, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 25.


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