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Paris Hilton reveals she was drugged, raped at 15


Paris Hilton’s traumatic childhood is even darker than what she’s previously shared publicly.

In a bombshell new interview with Glamour magazine, the billionaire heiress revealed that her first sexual encounter was nonconsensual and occurred at the age of 15.

Hilton, now 42, claimed her abuser was an older man she met at a local mall in California, who allegedly slipped something into her drink and took advantage of her.

At the time, Hilton was living with her maternal grandmother in Palm Springs. She told the outlet that she’d visit Los Angeles to see her friends and hang out at the Westfield Century City shopping center “almost every weekend.”

Paris Hilton posing for Glamour Magazine
Paris Hilton claimed in a new interview that she was drugged and raped at the age of 15 by an older man.
Jeremy Choh

She noted that “[older] guys would always just be hanging around the stores” and that she and her pals would “talk to them” and “give them [their] beeper [pager] numbers.”

One day, the group of men “invited” Hilton and her girls “to their house,” where the minors were allegedly given “berry wine coolers” to drink.

Paris Hilton as a teenager
Hilton told Glamour the alleged incident was her first sexual experience.
Getty Images

Paris Hilton as a teenager
Hilton was considered a troubled teen and spent years away at boarding schools.
Denny Keeler


Paris Hilton as a teenager
She is the oldest daughter of Rick and Kathy Hilton.
Getty Images


Hilton – who “didn’t drink or [do] anything back then” – recalled one of the guys being particularly forceful in making her consume her beverage.

“When I had maybe one or two sips, I just immediately started feeling dizzy and woozy,” she claimed. “I don’t know what he put in there; I’m assuming it was a roofie [Rohypnol].”

Paris Hilton's cover for Glamour Magazine
Hilton said the guy she’d met at the mall slipped something into her drink and took advantage of her.
Jeremy Choh

The new mom said she passed out and woke up a few hours later, knowing that something had happened.

“I remembered it,” she shared. “I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear.”

Paris Hilton as a teenager
“I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear,” she recalled.
Getty Images

Rick, Kathy and Paris Hilton in 1996
Paris was living with Kathy’s mother at the time.
Getty Images


The experience preceded the two-plus years the seemingly troubled teen spent at various and expensive behavioral modification programs, including Provo Canyon School in Utah, where she claimed she was force-fed drugs and subjected to late-night gynecological exams.

“I was just a little girl. I just feel like they stole my childhood,” she told Glamour, adding that her time at Provo contributed to her and husband Carter Reum’s decision to welcome their newborn son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, via surrogate.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum at a gala in LA in November 2021
Hilton and husband Carter Reum welcomed son Phoenix via surrogate last month.

When asked if she chose surrogacy because she was worried about carrying a baby at her age, the DJ replied, “No,” and said she would’ve used a surrogate at 20.

“I’m just so scared – I think, again, leading back to Provo – of even being in a doctor’s office, just all of that. The shots, the IVs that they put in,” she explained, noting that she wanted a family “so bad” but couldn’t bear “the physical part of doing it.”

Hilton also revealed during her sit-down that she had an abortion in her early 20s, something she “didn’t want to talk about because there was so much shame around that” at the time.

“I was a kid,” she said, “and I was not ready for that.”


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