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What is a “Wheel Of Fortune” Marketing Process?

Forbes recently shared a story from David Gaz. He’s an agency founder and creative director who has been around the block. Sometimes that block is called “failure.” He recounts a clients paid media campaign going terribly wrong and shared what he calls the “Wheel of Fortune” marketing process.

The Formula:

  1. Develop a strategy.
  2. Apply this strategy to your ads.
  3. Apply your strategy to a landing page specifically created as a destination for the ads.
  4. Look at the heatmap and analytics data, and adjust.

The Second Spin:

  1. Adjust the strategy based on insights from the heatmap and analytics data.
  2. Apply the revised strategy to the ads.
  3. Apply the revised strategy to the landing page.
  4. Look at the heatmap and analytics data, and adjust.
  5. Then rinse and repeat.


The “Fortune” Takeaway:

It’s a formula that sound familiar, right? The thing is that so many marketers skip one or two of these simple steps due to budget or assumption. Especially when it comes to analytics.

Treat your analytics like a video game.

The heatmap shows you the parts of the page where people spend most and least of their time. The object of the game is simply to get people to scroll to the bottom of the page or click on buttons. 

So to get people to do that, you’ll have to move the pieces of the puzzle around on your landing pages and messaging.

Just like Wheel of Fortune, you may have to start with guesses based on a topic before you’re ready to solve a puzzle. Either way, you make educated decisions as you go.

Check out the full article for more details from David and his experience in optimizing campaigns.

The World’s 5 Biggest Marketing Data Trends 

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All fun and games

Carney – your digital dymanic agency partner.

Seeing our clients happy makes us happy. We work closely alongside them to hear them out and exceed expectations where we can. We’ll even make them feel part of the crew if they are fans of GIFs and dad jokes.

We help brands break through the noise – and promise to make it fun along the way.

A Different Kind of Runway ✈️

This week, Virgin Atlantic unveiled a revamped uniform policy that will do away with gendered clothing requirements and introduced pronoun badges. The uniforms were also designed by Vivienne Westwood, adding a layer of high-fashion coolness.

They accompanied this announcement with a full campaign. In the video component, it stars RuPaul’s Drag Race star Michelle Visage and real Virgin employees alongside professional dancers to show off the clothing.

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