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Stellar Eats Increases Conversions by 3.5% Switching to Shopify’s One-Page Checkout (2023)


Growing up, Stella, Emma, and Michelle were frustrated with the health food industry’s hyperfocus on appearance. When they started Stellar Eats in 2020,  they were determined to change the conversation around healthy food, showing everyone—including those with dietary sensitivities—that delicious baked goods didn’t need to be associated with guilt or compromising on taste. 

Only three years later, this Canadian company is stocked in major retailers across North America, and loved by customers on both sides of the border. But the brand’s online checkout added friction to the buying experience, resulting in lost potential sales. To speed up its checkout and maximize its conversions, Stellar Eats upgraded to Shopify’s one-page checkout. 

Since upgrading to one-page checkout, Stellar Eats has:

  • Drastically reduced friction in its online checkout 
  • Lifted online conversions rates by 3.5%
  • Projected tens of thousands in additional revenue in the next 24 months 


People are accustomed to buying groceries in physical stores and paying with a single tap. Consequently, when it comes to getting customers to buy consumer packaged goods online, any barrier to checking out—whether it’s another field to fill out or a shipping price they’re unwilling to pay—can result in abandoned checkouts and lost sales.

To encourage consumers to try a new way of buying its products, the brand knew it needed to simplify its checkout process, but didn’t want to invest time and resources in building its own custom solution. 


The brand turned to Shopify’s one-page checkout—a streamlined online checkout that pre-fills customers’ billing and shipping information so they can buy faster.

One-page checkout drastically reduced friction for online shoppers, resulting in a better buying experience. Customers were completing checkouts faster and abandoning carts less often than with the standard Shopify checkout.

“One page checkout is a game changer for reducing friction—especially with shipping automatically calculated right in front of you,” explains Emma Kula, Stellar Eats’ Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer.

“It takes a lot of pushing to change grocery buying behaviour and compel a customer to check out online. We leverage a free shipping threshold to help push them to convert, and really appreciate that they become aware of it at a critical moment in the buyer’s journey with one-page checkout.”


Changing consumer behaviour can be difficult. And the team at Stellar Eats believes that making checkout faster and more frictionless is helping customers feel more comfortable buying their food items online. 

Since changing to Shopify’s one-page checkout, Stellar Eats began to see an instant increase in conversions without making any other adjustments to their store. One-page checkout helped them increase conversions by 3.5%, which is expected to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue in the next 24 months.

This is just one of a growing number of success stories where merchants use Shopify’s one-page checkout to lower friction at checkout and boost conversions. Learn how Hemlock & Oak saw a 7% lift in conversion rates after turning on one-page checkout, and projects that figure to rise as they release more products later this year.


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