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Ten Thousand Drives 46% Increase in Average Order Values with Shopify Collective (2023)


Ten Thousand is a fitness apparel brand that creates high-performance activewear for men whose mission is to motivate and inspire them to perform at their best. 

Powered by Shopify Collective, Ten Thousand has seen stellar results: 

  • 46% increase in average order value (AOV) 
  • 16% of total sales coming from net-new customers 
  • Proof of concept for more collaborative product drops in the future


Ten Thousand needed a solution to power their first collaboration with rucking brand, GORUCK. After spending a lot of time creating an RFP and reviewing all the different technologies available, they landed on Shopify Collective as their preferred solution as it is native to Shopify, incredibly seamless, and free. 

We needed a way to sell co-branded products that was easy and user friendly, didn’t require loads of dev hours and synced in real time.

James Schweitzer, E-Commerce Specialist, Ten Thousand


The decision to use Shopify Collective was easy, according to James Schweitzer, Ten Thousand’s E-Commerce Specialist. “Within a week, we were able to connect with GORUCK to integrate products, sync inventory, manage orders, and payments transparently in Shopify.” 

And the asynchronous collaboration Shopify Collective made possible helped both brands ship their product drop faster. GORUCK created their new SKUs directly in Shopify, built the product description pages, and shared them with Ten Thousand via the price list to allow them to easily import and publish. 

Automated payments gave us the ability to track the revenue share between brands and analyze success all within our Shopify admin.

James Schweitzer, E-Commerce Specialist, Ten Thousand


With the incredible success of these two drops, Ten Thousand is doubling-down on its investment into brand collaborations. “16% of sales were driven by net-new customers and we plan to continue that momentum with new partnerships solely powered by Shopify Collective,” Schweitzer explains. 

Outside of limited drops, the brand plans to partner with more like-minded brands in the future—a mutually-beneficial strategy that’s now proven to drive sales, customer acquisition for both parties. 

We sold out of the products powered by Collective within a 24-hour period twice, both resulting in record breaking sales days.

James Schweitzer, E-Commerce Specialist, Ten Thousand


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