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the Pay in Full Business Credit Card with No Fees, No Interest, and No Credit Checks (2023)


Having smooth cash flow is important. As your business matures, you may find yourself looking for a credit line to maximize your working capital for expected (and unexpected) expenses. 

You need a solution built for the reality of an entrepreneur: rewards that help you do more with your money, flexible payment terms, and little to no interest rates or fees.

That’s why we built Shopify Credit, a pay in full business credit card that extends a credit line to eligible merchants. It has no fees, interest or credit checks, and gives you cashback rewards on key spending categories.

What is Shopify Credit?

Shopify Credit is the latest product offering in Shopify’s suite of financial solutions. It’s a pay in full business credit card, with cashback rewards designed specifically for entrepreneurs. 

Eligible merchants can apply with no impact to their credit score, use their Shopify Credit card to pay wherever Visa® is accepted, and accrue cashback rewards that are automatically applied to their account as a statement credit each month without paying fees or interest. You get all the perks you want in a business credit card, and pay no fees.

What are the benefits of Shopify Credit?

Shopify powers millions of businesses worldwide. In fact, our mission is to make commerce better for everyone. That means breaking down traditional barriers like access to funding and providing financial solutions that are built for your reality and help you run your business more effectively.

Shopify Credit is an extension of our mission. It is a pay in full business credit card with no fees and no interest that gives merchants a credit line based on their sales—not their credit score. Your credit limit is designed to help support your working capital needs, with payments that are manageable for your business. Your business’ performance will be periodically reviewed to assess qualification for a credit line increase. If eligible, you have the option to accept the increase at your discretion.

Merchants can use their Shopify Credit card to pay for business expenses and smoothen their cash flow. Eligible purchases you make with your Shopify Credit card help you accumulate cashback rewards that are applied automatically to your next monthly statement.  

No fees, no interest—period

With Shopify Credit, you get all the perks and no fees. No annual fees. No setup fees. No late fees. No foreign transaction fees. No lost, stolen, or card replacement fees. No fees for additional cards for members of your team. No fees—period.

Get cashback rewards designed for entrepreneurs

Get up to 3% cashback on eligible purchases from your top spend category each month and 1% on the other two—wholesale, marketing, and fulfillment.* Rewards will automatically appear as a statement credit on each monthly statement.

To learn more about Rewards Program Terms and categories, visit the Help Center.

Get extra days to pay

Things happen, especially when you’re running a business. We get it. That’s why you get an extra 25 days after the close of your monthly statement to pay. That’s up to 56 days to pay for purchases when you use your Shopify Credit card without incurring late fees or interest.** 

No personal credit checks or guarantors 

You can apply for a Shopify Credit card and get a decision in minutes. Shopify Credit doesn’t run credit checks or require guarantors to get you set up.***

All eligible merchants will see their pre-qualified credit limit based on their business performance in their Shopify admin before signing up. 

With Shopify Credit, underwriting has two stages. In the first stage, Shopify’s underwriting model identifies your business as eligible to pre-qualify for Shopify Credit. This model harnesses both traditional and nontraditional techniques to determine your eligibility in real-time. Once you apply and undergo  identity verification screening, the Shopify team reviews your business’ application and confirms your eligibility. 

Free cards for every member of your team

When you sign up for Shopify Credit, you can give staff their own cards for free and set spend limits to better manage your business spending. Plus, eligible purchases your staff make earn cashback rewards, so you can put the money your entire team spends on your business to work. 

Shopify Credit also comes with Visa® Zero Liability, which gives you protection in the event your card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline.

Enjoy Visa® perks

When you cover business expenses with Shopify Credit, you can also take advantage of all the Visa® perks you love and expect, like extended purchase protection, travel and emergency assistance, auto collision and damage waiver, and more.

At launch, all merchants using Shopify Credit also get access to Shop Cash offers, a channel that today is restricted to merchants on Shopify Plus. We will continue to grow this area over time and provide more access.

Learn more about Visa® perks that come with Shopify Credit here.

How to apply for Shopify Credit

Shopify Credit is open to select pre-qualified Shopify merchants in the US. Most pre-qualified merchants will receive a decision in just a few minutes. 

If approved, you get instant access to your credit line and can use the virtual card that’s issued to you right away. You can also request a physical card for in-person business purchases. Your card will be sent via mail and arrive within 5-7 business days. 

How Shopify Credit works

We made using Shopify Credit straightforward so you can get the most out of your money and run your business with confidence.

Pay for business expenses with your Shopify Credit card

We ran the numbers, and Shopify entrepreneurs spend the most on wholesale and inventory, marketing and advertising, and shipping and fulfillment. 

Next time these expenses come up, try paying for them with your Shopify Credit card. This liberates cash flow for other things while giving you more time to pay for those expenses.

Make monthly payments

With Shopify Credit, staying on top of payments is easy. Your statement balance is automatically paid in full from your designated bank or Shopify Balance account on the 25th day of each month after the close of your monthly statement.*****

While other business cards are designed so that you carry a balance and accrue interest, we want you to put that cash back into your business. With Shopify Credit’s automatic payments, you get up to 56 days to pay for business purchases with no revolving balance, interest, or fees. 

💡 TIP: If you pay a portion of your Shopify Credit card balance before your statement is due, the remaining balance will be withdrawn on the 25th. If you pay the full amount before the due date, there will be no automatic withdrawals from your designated bank account on the due date.

Earn cashback rewards

With Shopify Credit, you get up to 3% cashback on eligible purchases in your highest spending category between wholesale and inventory, marketing and advertising, and shipping and fulfillment. You’ll earn 1% cashback for eligible purchases in the other two categories.*

Rewards will automatically apply to your account as a statement credit each month. We do the math so you don’t have to, but if you want to see your accrued cashback for the month, you can get a breakdown after each statement period closes in your Shopify admin. 

Tips to make the most of your Shopify Credit card

Now that you’re familiar with Shopify Credit and how it works, here are a few tips to making the most of it: 

  • Pay your Shopify Bill: Your business is already on Shopify, now’s your chance to earn rewards for it. Set your Shopify Credit card as your default payment method on Shopify and automatically earn rewards on eligible purchases—like what you spend on wholesale and inventory, marketing and advertising, and shipping and fulfillment. 
  • Purchase new inventory: You’re already spending to restock and refresh your inventory. Use Your Shopify Credit card and earn cashback when you purchase from vendors and suppliers through marketplaces like Faire, with more options coming soon
  • Pay for marketing expenses: Advertise on Google, Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, with Shopify Email, and more, and get rewarded for it.
  • Cover shipping and fulfillment costs: Save on Shopify Shipping, the Shopify Fulfillment Network, Flexport, USPS, UPS, and more when you use your Shopify Credit card.
  • Add your virtual card to your mobile wallet: Add Shopify Credit to your mobile wallet and make easy, contactless payments on the go.

Claim your Shopify Credit card today

For growing businesses that are laser-focused on smoothing cash flow, business cards are a great tool to help purchase stock, invest in marketing, or cover shipping and fulfillment costs. 

That’s where Shopify Credit comes in. With it, merchants get a credit line they can use to spend, repay, and spend again up to their issued credit limit. You get extra days to pay, because we know running a business is hard enough as it is. 

Ready to start getting rewarded for business expenses you make anyways? Check your eligibility for Shopify Credit today and see if you’re approved in minutes with no impact to your credit score. For a limited time if you are approved for Shopify Credit, get up to $2,000 in Shop Cash offers credits after spending $20,000 in your first 3 months.****

Check your eligibility today

* “Cashback” means the rewards you earn in the form of a discount of a percentage of the amount of an eligible purchase. 3% cashback in the form of a statement credit will be provided on up to $100,000 of annual eligible business spend in your monthly top spend category—wholesale, marketing or fulfillment; 1% cashback will be provided thereafter. Restrictions and limits apply. See Reward Program Terms

**The Shopify Credit business card must be paid in full 25 days after the close of your monthly billing cycle. See Issuing Bank Terms for more details on automatic payments and non-payment.

***Eligibility is based on business performance, not your credit score. Most eligible merchants will receive a decision within minutes, and if approved will receive a virtual card. Find out how to get your physical card. 

****If you are approved for a Shopify Credit business card and spend at least $15,000 in eligible purchases on your card within the first 3 months of account opening, you will receive a $750 Shop Cash offers credit that can be applied towards Shop Cash offers. Restrictions and limitations apply. See Offer Details.

*****If your account cannot be successfully debited on the payment due date, your card will be locked and you won’t be able to make new purchases until your balance has been repaid

Shopify partners with Stripe Payments Company and Celtic Bank, Member FDIC, for Shopify Credit. Card products are issued by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC.


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