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Marketing Podcast with Liz Lathan

Liz Lathan, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing podcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Liz Lathan. Liz is a community design strategist, a community enablement architect, and the Creator of Return on Emotion™.

Questions I ask Liz Lathan:

  • [1:11] I read one of your recent LinkedIn posts and you said that community-first companies are growing 30% faster than product-first companies – what is a community-first company in your definition?
  • [6:53] What are a couple of examples of companies doing this really well?
  • [8:44] What’s a more relatable example or way somebody who is seen as much more of a conservative business can approach this?
  • [13:56] How do you get somebody oriented to what their strategy ought to be when it comes to building a community?
  • [15:20] What elements ignite a community when you’re trying to get started?
  • [16:06] What are some ways that you’re seeing people take that literal idea of “show” and broaden it?
  • [17:21] When you talk about gatherings sometimes people just jump to big trade shows or events – but bringing your customers together for lunch could be a really simple way to gather, right?
  • [20:02] Could you talk a little bit more about this idea of being a sounding board and how that differs from an advisory board or an actual board?
  • [21:22] Where people can find out more about your work or connect with you?

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