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Marketing Podcast with Paul Magnone

Paul Magnone, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Paul Magnone. Paul is Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Google where he is developing a growing ecosystem of partners that will unlock the next generation of business value via the cloud and related technologies. He’s also the co-author of — Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance between Intuition and Information.

Key Takeaway:

Amid streams of data and countless meetings, we make hasty decisions, slow decisions, and often no decisions. Successful decision-makers are fierce interrogators. They square critical thinking with open-mindedness by blending information, intuition, and experience. In this episode, Paul Magnone joins me to talk about striking the balance between intuition and information.

Questions I ask Paul Magnone:

  • [2:17] Is “Decisions Over Decimals” a little bit of a play on like paralysis via analysis?
  • [3:48] Is there a person that can do what you’re calling quantitative intuition?
  • [5:59] Could you unpack the “I Wish I Knew” (IWIK) framework?
  • [10:19] You spend a lot of time talking about this idea of working backward and having the end in mind – do you find that that is kind of counterintuitive for people?
  • [12:39] How do you fight the bias to actually just use the numbers to validate what you’re already thinking as opposed to maybe steering you away from what you’re thinking?
  • [13:55] You spend a lot of time on the idea that you’re gonna get a better decision almost based on how much time you spend framing the problem – could you talk more in-depth about this idea?
  • [16:07] If someone spent so much time making a decision, does it make it harder to reverse it?
  • [17:28] If you were consulting with somebody and you were advising them on this process would you say that one benefit of this process or going through a process like this, would be that it helps eliminate some of the risks?
  • [19:03] Would you say that this process takes practice or is this something that you ought to actually use as a framework?
  • [20:27] Would you go as far as to say that quantitative intuition should almost be viewed as a culture?
  • [21:02] Where can people connect with you and get a copy of your book?

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