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The State of Video Marketing 2022

Having strong video marketing and creating video content can be a struggle for marketers. They are often faced with budget and time constraints. But since it is so effective for brand awareness and, when done well, acquisition, it’s worth the effort.

Vidico recently conducted a video marketing survey of more than 200 video and digital marketing minds. They asked them to share their honest and unbiased opinions about some of the hottest questions in the video marketing space.

They compiled all the data in a handy report.



It goes over all the Whos, Whats, and Wheres, including:

  • What problems does video marketing solve?
  • Which channels deliver the best video marketing results?
  • How do companies use video marketing across departments?
  • What video metrics do you assess your KPIs against?

Want to learn how big brands are using video for content marketing, product marketing, social media marketing, and more? Get the full, free report from Vidico!


Everest is an email platform by Validity that has combined forces with Return PathBriteVerify, and 250ok. That’s a whole lotta tech to back your campaigns. It’s the type of technology that has huge potential for increasing your deliverability, improving your sender reputation, and nailing down personalization. And for metrics, it has pre-send, inflight, and post-send views that make it easy to understand your performance.

See if Everest could enhance your email marketing and optimization!

Add a little sumthin’

When people open emails, they expect to see text, images, and links that will take them elsewhere to complete an action. But you can add a an element to your newsletter to make it more interactive. Let readers take action right within your emails with Scalemail Polls.

This polling tool provides a way to engage with your readers in a fun and simple format by letting you ask any question you want.

Reach out to us about getting Scalemail Polls for your newsletter.

Find Your People

Reddit is an amazing place (and also scary, sometimes). You can find a subreddit about ANY niche you can imagine. And if you don’t, you can make one yourself. It’s a community of internet peeps from every walk of life and now they have an ad about it.

Reddit is encouraging you to find your people who will discuss your thoughts, achievements, secrets, worries, and situations. Sometimes they will get you more than your own spouse.


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