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Why Caroline Stanbury put fertility journey on pause


Caroline Stanbury and her husband, Sergio Carrallo, have put their fertility journey on pause.

The “Real Housewives of Dubai” couple told Page Six exclusively Saturday that they want to move into their new home before they have a baby. They expect construction to be done in a month.

“We have a little baby boy embryo on ice,” Stanbury, 46, added with a smile.

However, when asked whether they were planning to welcome him anytime soon, the Bravolebrity explained that she and Carrallo, 28, are waiting until the house is ready and her three children from a previous marriage are settled in before going ahead with the implantation.

Stanbury and her ex-husband, Cem Habib, share daughter Yasmine, 16, and twin sons Zac and Aaron, 12. This would be her first child with Carrallo.

Page Six caught up with the couple as they danced the night away at the grand opening of the Atlantis The Royal hotel, where Beyoncé had performed just moments before.

A selfie of shirtless Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury lounging outdoors together.
The couple are waiting to settle into their new home before having their first child together.

Stanbury, who previously revealed she was undergoing IVF despite suffering pregnancy difficulties before, wore a glittery silver dress to the affair with matching shoes and a diamond necklace. Carrallo, for his part, wore a classic black suit.

Fellow Dubai “Housewife” Chanel Ayan was also spotted at the bash, but she and known frenemy Stanbury did not interact with each other — at least from what we saw.

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury posing together at BravoCon.
Stanbury has had to defend her decision to marry a man who is 18 years her junior.

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury posing together on a boat as the sun sets.
Stanbury has had to defend her decision to marry a man who is 18 years her junior.


The “Ladies of London” alum previously opened up about people judging her for marrying a man who is 18 years her junior.

“I think it’s really sad that people think a young guy can’t fall in love with an older woman, that it has to be fake and it has to be something else,” she told Page Six in June 2022.

“I think I’m quite hot! People will see that he really, really, really loves me. If anything, he’s guilty of loving me a little too much.”

Caroline Stanbury, Sergio Carrallo and her three children posing together at a party.
Stanbury has three children from her previous marriage to Cem Habib.

Stanbury and the former soccer player tied the knot in December 2021 in front of Bravo cameras at Dubai’s Palms resort after getting engaged that January.

The reality star further has also shut down any notions that Carrallo is only with her for financial benefits.

“He could have a much easier life than just being with me, I can assure you,” she told us last year. “I’m a very difficult woman to live with, and if Sergio didn’t want to be here, Sergio would not be here.”


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