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YouTube is testing new search and engagement insights for Creator Studio


YouTube has unveiled some new analytics options for Creator Studio that provides more data on what your audience is interested in, based on search and engagement activity, and also how those users are interacting with different topics on the app.

Not new. The Search Insights tool was announced late last year and the first phase was released in April which gave advertisers more data on what data people are searching for on the app. YouTube is now adding more data to help creators identify additional trends.

New elements. There are two new elements being added to the Search Insights tool.

Watch Interest. The first new element is Watch Interest.

“Currently, Search Insights on desktop only shows what viewers are searching for, but now, we’re adding ‘Watch Activity’ for a topic. Creators can now review top, rising or recent videos in a topic so you can get a sense for what’s new.”

Advertisers and creators will now be able to get a better idea of actual engagement trends on YouTube clips based on searches, what people are watching, and “how they move from video to video based on recommendations.”

YouTube is also adding new insights into your audience’s watch activity based on a given topic. That data will show related elements of interest on a given topic.

Personal insights. The second new element is new personalized insights based on your audience’s unique interest or your saves. YouTube is looking to provide additional engagement data to help with planning while also displaying interest in other niches.

Watch the announcement. You can watch the announcement from Creator Insider here.

Why we care. Data insights are great ways for advertisers to help plan and strategize campaigns around what appeals to their audiences. Having verifiable data will give users more information they need to make informed choices when it comes to what they’re promoting, who is engaging, and what topics they’re interested in.

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